Dive Alert V.2 Standard




Collections: Safety Equipment

Product type: Safety Equipment

Vendor: Trident



Dive Alert Plus v2 

There are three different models available; one for approximately 85% of standard power inflator mechanisms model DV1. There are several breathable/inflator mechanisms that require a larger coupling for a higher flow of air so there are two models to accommodate them. The model DV2 and the model DV3 (see list below).

DV1 DiveAlertPlus:
Standard model compatible with 85% of all power inflators.
DV2 DiveAlertPlus:
Compatible with SeaQuest AirSource 1&2, Zeagle Octo-Plus, Oceanic Air XS & MARES AirControl AirSource 3 QD
DV3 DiveAlertPlus:
Compatible with ScubaPro Air 2, Tusa Duo-Air Atomic SS1, Sherwood Gemini, and Zeagle Octo-Z


Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.