Sherwood Axis BCD




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Product type: BCB

Vendor: Sherwood Scuba



The 2015 Editor's Choice! 

Comfort. That is what everyone wants in a Buoyancy Compensator. 
Being comfortable is one of the most essential elements that determines whether or not you have a pleasant diving experience. Achieving and maintaining neutral buoyancy is a necessary skill to be comfortable in the water. Nothing makes your command of this skill easier than the AXIS BC. 

* Compact back-mount air cell. Great for travel. 

* Stainless steel D-rings. 

* Neoprene neckline gives additional comfort. 

* Two non-releasing trim weight pockets. 

* System ready for AKONA BC Pro-Kit and QuickClip.

There are several upgrade from the previous models. 

*New webbing allows for smoother shoulder and waist strap adjustments 

*Newly designed trim weight pockets provide better accessibility and easier trim weight adjustments 

*New exhaust valves provide refreshing and contemporary look 

WARNING! Safe use of BC’s with integrated weights requires a complete understanding of their operation and limitations. Consult the BC operating manual and your diving instructor to be certain you understand how to weight yourself properly and what to do in an emergency. Failure to understand and act appropriately could result in serious injury or death.