Sherwood Triton Scuba Fin




Collections: Fins

Product type: Scuba Fins

Vendor: Sherwood Scuba



The Triton combines elements of classic vented fins with an updated design and modern materials. The result is a full-size fin that’s lightweight and flexible — but with a brisk snap that gives impressive power and acceleration. The large vents direct thrust for efficient kicking in any swim style, while the wide blade offers easy maneuverability. The long base of the foot pocket provides stability and comfort. 

Can upgrade to the Sherwood Stainless Steel Spring Straps. 

* Three vents between the foot pocket and blade provide additional thrust on the down kick and decrease drag on the up kick or recovery. 
* Foot pocket shape and size derived from years of research to satisfy the most exacting requirements for comfort and power. 
* Fin is positively buoyant and floats.